Acne treatment

When should you contact our clinic?

When can we help you?
  • If previous acne treatments have failed.
  • If other companies acne products have not worked for you.
  • If you are looking for quality herbal acne treatments.
  • If you do not want to use isotretinoin (Accutane), antibiotics, toxic chemicals, and hormones.
  • If you avoid laser treatment.
  • To be treated in our clinic, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Age from 12 years
  • Diagnosis of acne confirmed by our dermatologist.
  • Consent to treatment (after receiving information about treatment)
  • Compliance with doctor's prescriptions during treatment.
  • Regular follow-up visits according to the treatment regimen.
  • Timely notification of the attending physician about changes in health status.

Our clinic offers you a two-level acne treatment.

First level

You can order ACNEOFF lotion and ACNE OFF powder right now.

This level is suitable for mild (single papules, few pustules, nodules, and cysts are absent) and moderate (papules and pustules present, single nodules, cysts absent) acne. At this level, acne can be solved at home by effectively using ACNE OFF Lotion and ACNEOFF Powder.

Second level

In case of severe (papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts are present) acne treatment at the ACNEOFF clinic is mandatory. Depending on the condition of the skin and the severity of the acne, the duration of treatment can vary from 10 to 15 days. The treatment is aimed at cleansing the skin of comedones, reducing inflammation, preparing the skin for the use of ACNEOFF lotion and ACNEOFF powder. The treatment includes a unique lotion and mask containing herbs that are specially prepared for you.

In treating acne of any severity, you need to be realistic. We use methods that have proven and proven effectiveness. Therefore, the effect of the treatment is guaranteed, it will be. However, it would be wrong to expect an immediate effect or a treatment that will eliminate acne and the need to further take care of your skin in a few days. Such opportunities do not exist today, and all such proposals are unrealistic. We just provide the complete clinical cure for acne and teach skincare products that will protect you from future acne breakouts.

After treatment, you should pay great attention to proper skincare using ACNEOFF lotion and ACNEOFF powder, as acne is a chronic disease and requires constant attention.

For Patients from Overseas

  • For outpatient, the client will be accommodated at a hotel during the free treatment time.
  • 30% of the fee should be paid by credit card before arrival (Visa, American express, master cards). The rest of the fee (70%) can be paid when you come to Mongolia before being hospitalized.
  • If you would like to have our service, please make a reservation in advance.
  • Patient Health Services for overseas patients following your medical conditions and needs, we will recommend and schedule appointments for you with the appropriate specialists and make all the necessary arrangements for your visit.
  • Personalized, Convenient, and Coordinated Care


    Medical Review
  • Contact via E-mail, fax
  • Medical case review
  • Arrangement of the treatment plan.
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Assist in obtaining the visa
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Financial Consultation
  • Estimate
  • Payment options
  • Review Special Needs
  • Multicultural meals
  • Religious consideration
  • Translation
  • 2.Hospital Visit

    Provide Translation & Escort Service Outpatient
  • Proceed with evaluation as arranged
  • Primary care and Health screening at ACNEOFF clinic. Evidence-based and patient-oriented counseling and check-ups
  • Expedited referral to specialists as needed
  • 3.Before Discharge

    Discharge Planning
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Follow-Up appointments
  • Medical documentation
  • Transportation
  • Payment
    1. 1.English Receipt
      2.Itemized bill upon request
      3.Direct Billing

    4.Continuous Care Follow-Up

  • 24-hour contact available via email, fax
  • Send additional medical documentation via secure email
  • Arrangement for re-visit
  • For appointments at the ACNEOFF clinic, kindly complete the registration form and email us. The financial assessment will be performed before confirmation of the appointment. Specific medical and pathology reports may also be requested for review before the patient’s first visit.

    To schedule a consultation with specialists, the following information will be required

  • Name, Gender, Date of Birth
  • Signs and Symptoms/Diagnosis
  • Onset of symptoms/date of diagnosis:
  • How the diagnosis was made (physical exam, biopsy, others):
  • What treatment has taken place if any
  • what period the treatment has occurred
  • Contact number/e-mail address
  • Name of health insurance
  • What to bring for the appointment
  • Medical record
  • Medical and pathology reports
  • If indicated ( or if you have a pathology report ). Please send us your medical reports and films via post or email before your appointment. Patient appointment

    Patient appointment

    Appointment & Financial

    inpatient Appointment

    Exam Items

    1.Patient`s Hospital IDNumber New Patient
    2.Patient Name
    3.Gender ( Male-Female)
    4.Date of Birth
    5.Name Of Health Insurance
    7.Domicile Overseas in Mongolia
    8.Passport No
    9.Address in Mongolia
    10.Permanent Address
    12.Contact Number (in mongolia) a.Mobile Number
    13.Emergency Contact Name a.Relationship to the Patient b.Telephone Number
    14.Request Date/Sign & Symptoms
    Mongolian proverb says: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times"
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